Reading as an L2 acquisition method

I did some reading again, today. I started in chapter two of Harry Potter og Fangen fra Azkaban. Apparently, reading works quite well for me. I already understood much more than I did when reading chapter one, so I do not feel the need to use the dictionary as much. This progress is quite satisfying, as I was not sure about this language learning method when I started (it lacks grammar sessions, for example). It reminds me of child language acquisition, so I guess the natural way in which I acquire knowledge of Norwegian makes it so easy compared to using a grammar book. I hope this method will continue to be effective asI find it much more enjoyable than learning rules by heart :).

On another note: I am doing a course on loanwords at my university and have to write a research report on something related to this phenomenon. Predictably, I picked a topic related to Norwegian: a synchronic study of English loanwords in Norwegian newspapers. Hopefully, the results will be interesting.


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