Tricky compounds

I did some reading again, but I had to stop after two pages of my Harry Potter book because I was too tired. Normally, I have no difficulty recalling words when rereading paragraphs (I always do this to check how many words I have learned), but I had to look up many of the new words again the second time because I had simply forgotten them almost immediately. Hopefully, tomorrow will be a more productive day.

I noticed that compounds are a bit problematic when I do not realise that that is what they are. I tend to mispronounce them because I do not know where morpheme boundaries are located. This entails that I sometimes misplace stress. I came across purpurfjes, for example, which turned out to be a combination of purpur (purple) and fjes (face). This was unexpected because this combination of words is never written as a compound in English and Dutch. This is something I need to pay more attention to, analysing the long words that seem strange at first glance. In most cases, these words are compounds. Usually, I realise what their meaning is once I have analysed the words’ structure, because I often do know the words that make them up.

I hope I will be able to read some more pages tomorrow and I would like to write a short Norwegian text again, this week.


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