Subchallenge: finish Ny i Norge within two weeks

I have decided to start a subchallenge: I must finish all lessons of Ny i Norge within two weeks. As I started yesterday, the deadline is 1 November 2012.


Normally, I really do not like learning languages with coursebooks. Last week, however, I had to read so many articles for my Master’s programme that I could not bring myself to read even a few sentences of Harry Potter og Fangen fra Azkaban. Coincidentally, my mother discovered that a friend of hers has taught herself Norwegian. When she told this friend I was learning the language as well, she offered to lend me her coursebook. It turned out to be a newer edition of a book I have in my possession, so at first I was a bit disappointed. Eventually, I decided to give it a try, to see if the writers had improved it. And they had. I became so enthusiastic that I finished six chapters yesterday. I was happy because I felt guilty doing nothing, but I was not motivated enough to read a story either. This was a perfect solution: something completely different that did not require much energy.


I have done chapters 1 to 10. According to the description in the book, this means that I have almost mastered Norwegian at A1 level. The book has 27 chapters. If all goes according to plan, the challenge should bring me towards A2 level. I will probably have to go through the lessons twice though, in order for information to stay stuck in my brain permanently.


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