Basic grammar and translation

I am going to repeat some lessons on basic Norwegian grammar today. I keep forgetting simple rules such as irregular conjugation of verbs and how to form indefinite pronouns (some and other, for example). As you can imagine, this is quite annoying when I am trying to write something in Norwegian. Therefore, I will focus on the following aspects of grammar today: irregular verbs, indefinite pronouns, subordinating conjunctions, and adverb types. I hope this will make it easier to write Norwegian texts in the future.

I have also experienced some difficulties with inspiration when writing. The few times I did think of a topic to write about, I ended up using easy Norwegian because I could not think of more advanced vocabulary. Therefore, I have decided to practice my writing skills by translating my blog entries as literally as possible. Of course, I will need to use a dictionary, but I hope this will be more effective than my previous strategy.

Read this entry in Norwegian.


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