Relearning the grammar of French

As I just started learning French, I am still at step one of my language acquisition method: learning some basic grammar. Yesterday, I remembered I bought a concise grammar some years ago. It is a Dutch book called Wolter’s Frans in Je Pocket (French in Your Pocket). The book consists of chapters on spelling and pronunciation, grammar, everyday language, letter-writing, and facts about the French culture. I have started on the grammar chapter and have already finished five of the eleven sections. I learned most of the grammar at secondary school, so I just need to brush up on my basic French grammar. This is why I am going through the book at such a fast pace. What I have studied: articles, nouns, adjectives, adverbs, and degrees of comparison. It seems I am doing quite well, so I am satisfied with my progress. I am not yet confident enough to attempt a translation of this post into French, however, so there is no French version of this entry.


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