Reading progress

I have read fifty pages from Harry Potter og Fangen fra Azkaban, my first Norwegian book. Of course, I do not understand everything yet. I can deduce the meaning of most words from the context, but I find it difficult to remember combinations of prepositions and nouns which are not used in Dutch and English. Furthermore, idiomatic expressions can be quite hard to decipher. Hence, I have decided to retry my previous reading technique: first, I read a paragraph in the English book and then I reread it in the Norwegian translation. I hope I will be able to understand and use all of the words and expressions eventually, but it will take some time. I have noticed it is harder to make progress than when I started reading English books. This is understandable, since I’d already learned a lot of grammar and words at school. But I won’t give up. To make it easier, I will now reread the first fifty pages to see what I have learned. Repetition is good for one’s memory, after all.

Read the Norwegian translation of this post.


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