French course: exam

My French course ended almost two weeks ago, so now I am waiting for the exam results. The exam took 105 minutes and it went as follows: first, there was a written test on grammar and vocabulary. This consisted of transforming verbs into a certain tense or mood, making direct sentences indirect, and fill-in-the-gaps exercises. I think it went quite well, except for the excercise in which we had to transform direct sentences into indirect constructions. When a certain tense is used in a direct sentence, the indirect one must be formed with another, past tense. The présent, for example, must be turned into the imparfait and the passé composé must be changed into the plus-que-parfait. Hence, there were a lot of tenses to remember. We had had to study the following aspects of grammar:

  • conditionel présent
  • conditionel passé
  • subjonctif présent
  • subjonctif passé
  • when to use an indicatif and when to use a subjonctif
  • superlatif
  • le discours indirect au présent
  • le discours indirect au passé
  • l’expression de la cause
  • l’expression de la conséquence
  • les expressions de temps
  • l’expression du but
  • l’opposition et la concession

The second part, a listening exercise, enabled us to earn bonus points. We had to listen to a recording of about three minutes and then summarise it. This part was a bit harder. Even though I managed to understand most of what was said, I think I have missed some important points. Luckily, it wasn’t an obligatory exercise. The last part was an oral exam. Everyone had to give a presentation on a topic of their own choice and afterwards, we had to answer questions. Hence, this part tested both prepared and spontaneous speech skills.

Overall, I really loved the course. I have learned a lot, even though it only brouht me to B1 level. I might do the B2 course next year and after that, maybe the DELF or DALF exam.


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