French exam: result

I got back the result of my French exam today and I scored a nine out of ten :). I thought it had gone well, but I am surprised I scored that high. No mistakes in the written part and a good score for the oral test, which I had not expected at all, as I still find it difficult to speak foreign languages in public. Hopefully, this result will give me a confidence boost. Next year, I might do a French course again, as I enjoyed it a lot. A lot of people react strangely when I mention that I am learning languages, but the course participants all understood perfectly because they, too, were learning a language for the fun of it.The next course would prepare me for the DELF exam, which is an official B2 exam offered by L’Alliance Française. After French, I might do Chinese, as I assume it would be quite difficult to learn this language on my own. However, if the university ever decides to offer Norwegian, I will follow that course. Or both, if possible…

Clearly, I have become a fan of language courses. They have several benefits. Firstly, languages are taught by a teacher. He or she can always correct mistakes or provide more thorough explanations if the learning material does not provide it. Furthermore, they give you the feeling of responsibility, since people will know it if you give up. Also, as I mentioned above, the presence of other students makes language learning more enjoyable. These people understand why language learning can be fun, and you make new friends with whom you can even practice speaking. I found this helped me a lot, since everyone is embarrassed about their limited oral skills in the L2. Finally, you learn a lot in a few weeks. My skills went from A2 to B1 level in thirteen weeks. I know from experience (e.g. Norwegian) that it takes a lot of willpower to manage this without obligatory lessons and homework, unless you have all the time in the world (which I have not, as I am a full-time student). I recommend everyone who loves languages to do a course at least once, as it is such an awesome and extremely useful experience.

I realised I have actually reached one of my goals by passing the exam: I got to B1 level in French before 1 January 2014! I will continue learning the language, but I need to finish my MA thesis first. I will probably take it up again in october, when the next course starts. I would definitely like to become fluent in French!


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