French once more

About half a year ago, I announced I was going to start on another language: French. At that moment, I was not yet sure what I wanted to do with it: do just one course in order to reach B1 level or try to become fluent. When the course finished in May and I scored a 9/10 on the proficiency test, however, the teacher said she would like to talk with me and she told me she thought I should have enough skills to do the DELF course (and to learn a lot of other languages, but I will leave that for later :)). This course is meant to raise the participants’ skills to B2 level. Consequently, they should be able to pass the official DELF exam of L’Alliance Française in December. The teacher’s comment motivated me to try it. I’ve never thought of myself as extremely talented, but I know that, if I put my mind to it, I can come quite far with respect to language learning. Motivation helps a lot. Since I enjoyed the course last semester, I figured the DELF one would not only be useful, but that it would also be a lot of fun. So I am learning French once again. My first lesson took place this week and the course should end twelve weeks later. If I manage to pass the university’s exam, I will do the last level (C1) as well. After that, I will probably register for the DALF exam of L’Alliance Française. I enjoyed the B1 course way too much to just stop learning French. Et c’est une belle langue aussi!


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