DELF exam: result

A happy message after being absent from this blog for so long: I’ve passed my university’s DELF exam! It’s not the official one, but it is B2 level, so I am satisfied. I hadn’t expected it, to be honest, since I was so busy with homework this semester that I often had to neglect the assignments for the French course. This makes passing the test extra awsome :). We only had to study grammar for the exam (though we did practice speaking, reading, listening, and writing during the lessons), because the official DELF exam was two days later and those who were going to sit that one would already have to learn a lot. For my university’s exam, we had to learn the following aspects of grammar:

  • l’article
  • les temps de l’indicatif
  • subjonctif
  • la forme passive
  • la forme pronominale
  • la forme impersonnelle
  • le discours indirect
  • l’adverbe
  • les prépositions
  • les pronoms relatifs
  • les pronoms personnels compléments
  • l’expression de la cause
  • l’expression de la conséquence
  • l’expression de la comparaison

Considering the fact that I frequently could not do my homework for the course and that I only had one day to study for the exam, I am not surprised that I only scored 68%. Nevertheless, I am happy. It could have gone a lot worse due to lack of time and it is better than not passing the exam!

Will I do the DALF (C1) course? Truthfully, I don’t know yet. I enjoyed my first French course a lot, but this one wasn’t as much fun. I didn’t feel comfortable around my classmates and teacher, which seemed to impede improvement. I suspect they didn’t like it or that they didn’t understand why I had skipped a level (even though my previous teacher had advised me to do that). Furthermore, I got fed up with learning grammatical rules by heart after a while. I’ve always preferred inductive learning: mastering a language by deducing rules from written or spoken input. Right now, I think it would be better if I continued learning French on my own by reading books, listening to songs, and writing on Lang-8. Nevertheless, I am glad that I did some courses. They did help me improve my French, after all. When I started in January, I was at A2 level at best. Now, I am at B2 level. So, although I have decided I probably won’t do another French course, I don’t regret having done some at all.

Although I have reached the goal I set myself in January (reach B1 level before 2014), I will definitely continue learning French. It would be stupid to give up now that I have become high-intermediate and the language is both useful and beautiful. However, I do not yet know when I will start again and what my new goal will be. Norwegian is more important at the moment, so I’ll put French on hold for now.


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