Norwegian subchallenge #4 completed

I finally completed my fourth subchallenge for Norwegian. On the 30th of September last year, I turned the last page in Harry Potter og Fangen fra Azkaban and now i have finished the fifth Harry Potter book: Harry Potter og Føniksordenen. Whereas I had to read the English version first in order to understand the Norwegian translation of the third installment, I did not use any aids for the fifth book. I believe this is quite an achievement, as it means I managed to read 875 pages of Norwegian without having to consult a translation! I still remember reading the fifth Harry Potter book in English for the first time. Prior to that, I had already read the first four books in English, yet I still found it difficult to comprehend the details while reading book five. While reading the same book in Norwegian, I did not have this problem at all! Hence, I suspect that, because I have discovered my most effective language learning methods, the language learning process is taking up less time.

So… what now? I guess the seventh installment is up next, as this is the only other Norwegian book I possess at the moment. That is another 681 pages of Norwegian to look forward to!


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